Jed Thomas - Guitars & Vocals

The story so far... I started playing guitar at 14 or 15 years of age, My first guitar was a JEDSON! which I purchased for the sum of my hawkwind album collection. I soon got the bug, driving my parents and sisters crazy with my persistant playing. In the end I was confined to the family dining room where the record player lived, It had a valve amp and the cable I got with my first guitar fitted in to one of the holes.

I started playing with other people almost straight away, friends hitting snare drums whilst I played guitar, The first band was doing 'Beatles' numbers etc, soon after we ended up as a club band playing covers like 'The Drifters' etc

I did manage to get them to do some 'Thin Lizzy', and they played some slim harpo as bass player played a bit of harp.they were 2 italian brothers could have come out of the sopranos,one was real nice lutcho the other the leader paulo was not.

They taught me alot how to get a band up and running van, PA, set of songs and off you go.

Well after a year or so we weere making some good money and I was still at schoool in the 6th form, so i gave up my studies to concentrate on the band only to get dropped when a better guitar player came along.

In the meantime I was listening to all sorts of stuff. I was into the blues, rock and roll, I loved Elvis, I even got my aunty Enids vinyl collection ,it had the live stuff as well.

Shortly after this when i started playing again a lad called Trevor Aines came along and told me he would play Brian Jones and I had to do Keith Richards,so learned a lot through that including getting right into slide guitar, to play the little red rooster

Trevor Aines was a big influence he had Vox Phantom Guitars and Vox Valve Amps which we cranked up on top of his parents garage ala The Beatle Roof Gig!, I think there was a bunch of kids there listening, well before Environmental Health and the Sound Police :))

I got into Status Quo, Led Zep and it was through my interest in Quo that I stumbled across Rory Gallagher.. I went to the cinema to watch Irish Tour 74, I was most disgruntled at the time, Quo were only on for about 15 minutes and I was going to ask for my money back, however as I was reaching the door Walk On Hot Coals came on and I can honestly say that it was one of the biggest life changing moments ever, I got into Rory and he became my teacher guide through interviews and his music.

Rory Gallagher just opened up a whole lot of musical styles and an honesty in playing music to emotionally connect with it.

After the club band I got a band going with two Scottish lads, well Leeds scots one brother george singing and peter cameron playing the bass and got a Led Zep nut drummer called Nipp, We rehearsed in an old urinal in a youth club five or six nights each week, and soon got a set together as well as deafening ourselves! George left and Pete took over the singing and that band became Talisman after being called Crystal Blood.

Talisman went on for about three years Pete was very very ambitious, We were spending all the gig money on huge PA systems which was crazy as we were only playing pubs, In the end he left out of sheer frustration i think, We never recorded, I suppose we never had any direction, I just wanted to play live and that sort of burned any kind of ambition out of me to get 'The deal', so to date in over thirty years I have never sent anything - Tapes, CD's to a record company or producer!

Well i went round to the drummers house and we had been trying to get a singer and a bass player, we found a bass player, but none of the singers were right, they were either ego maniacs or nice guys who could not sing, next thing i know he pulls out 1000 posters with the name 'The Jed Thomas Blues Band' so i suppose that was the early eighties and that's how the name was born.

I was anoyed at first and I locked myself in my bedroom for 3 months and tried to learn to sing in some style and play at the same time, and that was it Mark 1.

We started gigging and had been gigging under that name in various incarnations ever since.


This line up started in 1995 and the first album 'Red Top' was written with the influence of Rory Gallagher and his untimley passing,I wrote 3 songs specifically about Rory - the one that made it on the Album was called simply 'Rory',The other 2 tracks might just see the light of day on a future release!

We had a drummer Adam who played like a prize fighter and we renamed the band 'Thomas And The Tankheads' which did not go down with a certain member, We were all trying to cut back on the boozing, Adam realy worked us in a good way into getting a CD going, Well we were getting near to going into the studio when he dropped the bombshell he was moving away with his girlfriend

we managed to get another drummer Miles Mercer and rehearsed a couple of times then finally recorded 'Red Top'

Miles stayed with us for a couple of years, We played all over scotland going there every year, it was great fun!

Miles left and thats when Paul joined us the first time - he's been with us on and off ever since - he's left the band more times than I can remember, moving to france once!

We have played with some fabulous people over the years, and a lot of them are featured on the CD, Rick Duffield a fine fiddle player was with us for quite a few years as was Ian Rose on the hammond organ, we were a six piece band in those days with Hani Zayed on tablas and congas, The line up now is Hani congas tablas, Mr Nibbs on the bass, Paul on the drums, and we either have Colin Hartshorn on sax, Tony Beadle on harmonica, Wendy Ross on fiddle or Paul Austwick on keyboards.

It's About Bloody Time!

Well we needed to follow up Red Top, We had recorded a lot of live gigs but i was not happy with the playing on them so we never released any of them!. Then we recorded in 2006 in Halifax over 3 hours worth of material, the guy that helped us record just dissapeared into the ether - with the money!! - I think he had a 'habit'

So I live in a big house / flat, The nasty neighbours have moved out, I have nice big rooms so let's do it old style - no drum booths we were all in the same room live, we did this using some fence panels around the drums and facing the amps into the corners. we did it with Frank and Dan Mizen, Frank did all the recording he was telling us when to go again and if he thought we could do it in a better or different way.

This was 2008, and we just kept working on the songs trying different things. I was still not convinced with what we had, I am my own worst critic, But we had the opportunity to go to Norway Summer 2013 and so we pushed real hard against a deadline to finish what became 'It's About Bloody Time!'. One poor woman in Scotland nearly ended up with a third copy of Red Top - she had already bought it twice over the years.

Theres another one to come - the second part, I think we will call it "It's About Bloody Time Too!' This should be released later this year.

Mr Nibbs - Bass

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Paul - Percussion

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